flaviofredThe course was held on April 22-27, 2018, at Seara Praia Hotel in Fortaleza. The Delft Road Safety Course in Latin America focusses on postgraduate participants working in the field of road safety. Participants learned how to develop a Road Safety Plan and how to set up local programmes through class room presentations, facilitated discussions, group work and field trips.

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ATTENTION: Due to the request to extend the enrollment period by some professionals interested in participating in the course, we inform that we have decided to postpone the application deadline for February, 09!

Delft Road Safety Course for Latin America (DRSC-LA) is inspired by the successful road safety courses in Delft, the Netherlands (www.delftroadsafetycourses.org). DRSC looked for cooperation to organize a course in Latin America with a couple of our Delft-alumni (Prof. Flavio Cunto, Prof. Ana Larocca and Elaine Matsuda). This course will take place in Fortaleza, Brazil, 22-27 April 2018.

The course focusses on postgraduate participants from all countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, who work in the field of road safety at a level of middle-management. Scholarships will be made available to the participants of the course, more information here.

noticia Prof. Fred Wegman (presenting report to Chilean Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications, Paola Tapia), the course leader of the Delft Road Safety Course for Latin America, presented the results of a study in Argentina, Chile and Colombia early November 2017. The title of the study is: Benchmarking de la seguridad vial en América Latina.

The report describes and benchmarks road safety management and performance in ten Latin American countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay and Uruguay. The comparisons in this study allow identifying similarities and differences between countries’ road safety performance. It will be useful to policy makers in assessing weaknesses and strengths and designing effective road safety policies that make use of the experience in other countries.

The reports are available in Spanish and English (coming soon). The study can be downloaded for free from:


It is also possible to download the methodology of this study from the ITF-website (for free as well):



bolsistaMost probably a number of scholarships will be made available for participants of this course in Fortaleza. We have no formal approval of our attempts to receive a grant for a scholarship fund yet, but we have high expectations.  Because of this we invite applicants to express their interests in getting a scholarship.  We don’t expect that all participants will get a (full) scholarship covering the course fee. A limited number of scholarships will become available.  A scholarship will only  cover (a part of) the course fee. Travel costs to/from Fortaleza are on your own account.

Include your interests in a scholarship in your registration for the course and indicate if and why your employer will not be paying the full costs of the course fee.

The deadline for submitting a scholarship application is February 1st 2018. Please make sure to apply on time.

news2 08 11We are happy to inform you about the first Delft Road Safety Course for Latin America. The design of the course is inspired by the highly successful course in Delft. The course will take place in Fortaleza from 22-27 April 2018.

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