This is an intensive 5-day course that requires active participation from all participants. The course is intended for participants with a (professional) position in road safety, who can work at a postgraduate level.

The course aims to teach a set of core competences for road safety professionals. Lecturers come from universities and institutes with the highest international reputation.
Delft Road Safety Courses are ‘evidence based and data driven’.
Good understandings of why road crashes occur, what determines the severity of crashes and which risk (increasing) factors are crucial, are starting points of the course. One of the main priorities is the introduction of the principles of a Safe System approach, based on the Dutch Sustainable Safety approach and how to apply these principles in Latin America countries. A third priority will be how to create conditions for effective implementation of defined strategies. And the important final question of course how implemented actions influenced the number of people killed and/or injured in road crashes.

Summarizing, our goal is to develop the most important core competencies for road safety professionals with special focus on Latin American road safety problems:

  1. To understand the nature of road safety;
  2. To understand causes of crashes from the interactions between road user – road – vehicle;
  3. To understand origin, characteristics and use of crash data and other road safety data;
  4. To obtain knowledge of the most important theories and methods used in road safety (research) and to read/understand research reports;
  5. To design road safety management strategies and effective countermeasures in these strategies based on validated knowledge;
  6. To design and implement road safety action plans.

The course includes class room presentations, facilitated discussions, group work and field trips. An active participation will be stimulated and all participants will have ample opportunity for questions, group discussions and informal discussions. All participants will be invited to make one or two presentations to the whole group. To allow for an (inter)active and intensive learning process, the course can host a maximum of 25 participants only. Participants will receive a certificate after completing the full course.

Participants will learn to develop a Road Safety Plan and to set up local programmes. All lectures, discussions and course materials will be in English, with simultaneous English-Spanish-Portuguese translation.